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      How To Redeem

MedPoints Rewards Program

How to Redeem

How to Redeem your MedPoints? It is easy and convenient.

  1. Check your MedPoints balance using either MedPhone, MedOnline, MedCards e-statement or by calling our 24/7 Call Center on 01 - 70 80 90

  2. Select the desired gift(s) from MedPoints e-Catalog

    • Click on the Cart Icon View Cart, you will be forwarded to the Shopping cart page
    • Make sure that you have enough points accumulated to redeem the selected gift item
    • To change the quantity: type in the new quantity and click <Update Cart> button
    • To remove an item: check the Delete box and then click <Update Cart> button
    • To remove all items and cancel your request: click <Cancel Redemption> button

  3. Accept MedCatalog Terms & Conditions to be able to checkout

  4. Checkout and redeem your MedPoints for:

    1. MedOnline Subscribers:
      • Click on the <Checkout for MedOnline Subscribers> button
      • Use your MedOnline access credentials to logon to MedOnline
      • Select your BankMed card, desired mobile/phone number, and desired delivery branch
      • Click submit

    2. Non-MedOnline Subscribers
      • Click on the <Checkout for Non MedOnline Subscribers> button
      • Key-enter your full name,  desired mobile/phone number, and select your desired delivery branch
      • For security considerations, kindly enter only the last 4 digits of your card number
      • Print the redemption request by clicking on the print Icon
      • Sign and deliver the printed MedPoints redemption request form to the nearest BankMed branch.

  5. You will receive a call from BankMed to go to your selected branch to pickup your gift(s) voucher.

Need help in MedPoints Redemption?…

You can easily and conveniently redeem your MedPoints for valuable gifts. If you need  help,  simply call our 24/7 Call Center on 01-70 80 90, and our Call Center agents will be pleased to guide you through the process of redemption, and answer any questions you might have about the MedPoints Reward Program from BankMed.

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